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E181: Why The Latest Version of AI May Not Be Worth the Upgrade

In this episode, Sean talks about the importance of testing a new version of an API or component before upgrading. He shares his experience with Open AI’s API and the differences between version 3 and version 4 of their tool chat GPT. Sean emphasizes that the focus should always be on customer benefit and that upgrading may come with trade offs like slower performance and higher costs.

Key Points

  • Not all new versions of APIs or components are necessary to upgrade to
  • Testing before upgrading can help determine if a new version consistently generates better results
  • Customer benefit should be the key focus in deciding to upgrade
  • Differences between versions may be negligible in terms of output
  • Upgrading may come with trade-offs like slower performance and higher costs
  • Waiting to upgrade may sometimes make more sense
  • Both technical and business-oriented perspectives should be considered when deciding to upgrade


  • “Testing that I’ve done, not all of these tools are really ready for mainstream.”
  • “The differences not all that significant in terms of the ultimate output.”
  • “Don’t feel compelled to have to blow up everything you’re doing or switch to the new version immediately.”

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