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E187: There Are Problems Worth Solving All Around You

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the advantage of building a B2B SaaS solution around a problem you personally have. Using his own podcast show notes application as an example, he emphasizes the benefits of having direct access to a built-in customer base and the ability to understand the problem space intimately. He also suggests that individuals who work full-time in a specific industry can identify pain points in their workplace and build a B2B SaaS application around them.

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Key Points

  • Building a solution to your own problem increases the odds of success in B2B SaaS.
  • Personal context in the problem space provides a wealth of knowledge and understanding.
  • A solution for your own potential business can also serve as a solution for others.
  • Identifying pain points in your workplace can lead to B2B SaaS ideas.
  • Access to a built-in customer base provides valuable feedback for product development.
  • Understanding the priority of pain points is crucial for product development.
  • Individuals can build a B2B SaaS application without owning an underlying business.
  • “You know everything about the problem space. You’ve got so much context relatively naturally.”
  • “More than likely you work in that industry because it attracted you for some reason, which probably means that you have some level of interest still with regard to either that company, that business, that industry, whatever, something about it.”
  • “Try to see what you can do to understand what the priority is in terms of what needle needs to be moved and what direction, how significantly which bottlenecks are slowing the process down.”
  • “You then have access to everything that I just described, but you didn’t actually have to build the underlying business.”