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E191: Never Start a B2B SaaS with More Than a Single Feature

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean shares the advantages of starting a B2B SaaS with a single feature. He emphasizes that a micro SaaS is when you turn a feature into a product, which makes it easier to market, understand, and use. Building a simple product has marketing, sales, and positioning advantages as it makes it easier to solve customers’ top problems. On the design and build side, adding unnecessary functionality only makes the product more complex and harder to understand for users.

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Key Points

  • A micro SaaS is when you turn a feature into a product
  • A single feature product is easier to market and understand
  • Solving one problem at a time is more efficient than solving multiple
  • Adding unnecessary functionality makes the product more complex
  • Building a simple product has marketing, sales, and branding advantages
  • Building with users helps to measure the accuracy of assumptions
  • Start with a simple product and get feedback from users
  • “Building a product as a single feature gives you a tremendous amount of advantages.”
  • “You’re gonna make your life so much easier if you keep, if you start very simple.”
  • “The more you build into your product without testing it with actual users and customers, the more likely you are to build in the wrong direction.”
  • “But if instead you try to guess all the stuff right outta the gate and think, oh, they’re gonna want this, they’re gonna want that, you’re going to get it wrong.”
  • “So keep it simple, especially in the beginning. You’re gonna do yourself and your customer a lot of favors.”