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E192: Turning a Product Gap into a B2B SaaS

In this episode, Sean talks about the opportunity to create successful B2B SaaS products by building off existing products in areas where they can be improved. By identifying gaps in tools commonly used in the industry, individuals can create products that meet the needs of the market. These products can either add functionality to existing products or become products themselves.

Key Points

  • Extending the capability of existing products can lead to successful B2B SaaS products.
  • Products that are commonly used and paid for have already been validated by the market and have identified needs.
  • AI can be an area of opportunity in improving existing products.
  • Incorporating keyword research can lead to successful content creation and search engine optimization.
  • Finding gaps in commonly used products can lead to creating successful B2B SaaS products.
  • Building solutions for personal problems can lead to successful products for others.
  • Bringing improved functionality to existing products can be a successful strategy in B2B SaaS.


  • “There are ways to extend the capability and functionality of products that are already on the market.”
  • “So if you’re trying to figure out where you might want to get involved in terms of B2B SaaS and something you might build to provide value for someone, this is a great area to look for a whole bunch of reasons.”
  • “I’ve been leveraging this routine and strategy that I’ve built for myself from a number of others who have a lot of experience in search engine optimization.”