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E193: A User HATES My Product, Now What?

by Sean Boyce

Sean shares his experience of receiving emotionally charged negative feedback through his support channel and explains how it can be an opportunity to learn more about how to improve your product. He advises to ask for more details like use case, expectations, and identify competition to help make the product better.

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Key Points

  • Emotionally charged feedback can be a great opportunity to learn more
  • Look for the constructive criticism between the lines
  • Don’t panic after the initial reaction
  • Ask questions to get more feedback
  • Identify the user’s use case and expectationsIdentify the competition and why they feel their product is better
  • Take this as a sign of progress and an opportunity to make your product better
  • “It’s a great opportunity to learn more because it’s not all of what they shared.”
  • “There’s constructive criticism everywhere. It’s just, you might have to look between the lines in order to see it.”
  • “Don’t panic cuz if this is one user or the occasional user, that’s honestly to be expected.”
  • “Try to get whatever kind of feedback you can that you think will be the most helpful in figuring out how to make your product better.”