Product Launch

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E194: Turning Criticism into Gold

In this episode, Sean discusses how he turned negative feedback into a gold mine by asking for more details. By doing so, he was able to learn more about the use case and functionality his customers were looking for, leading to improved features and a better product roadmap.

Key Points

  • Asked for more details from a customer with negative feedback
  • Discovered a suitable alternative that supposedly had done a better job
  • Learned more about the use case and functionality for his product
  • Determines which features are worth investing more into and optimizing
  • Relied on experimentation to see if people would use a particular feature
  • Feedback was suboptimal, giving him context on how to improve it
  • Can now focus more on redesigning features with greater context


  • “Now I have verified all of those things, which was what I wanted…hopefully things like this will be more of a thing in the past.”
  • “I didn’t want to go too far down the road of building the perfect feature before I knew people actually needed it and would be willing to pay for it.”