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E196: How to Ensure You are Making Progress

Sean talks about developing a routine to make consistent progress and prioritizing B2B SaaS products. He also advises against oversubscribing to avoid burnout.

Key Points

  • Developing a routine is crucial for prioritizing projects
  • Creating a schedule enables focused work on specific tasks
  • Routines help ensure that time is appropriately set aside to accommodate and manage multiple obligations
  • Avoid overcommitting to prevent burnout
  • Overcommitment leads to longer periods off of working on important projects
  • Projects need to be prioritized in order to maintain consistency and prevent feeling overwhelmed


  • “Depending on what your personality is like, you may or may not suffer from something similar to a varying degree.”
  • “The way I’ve been able to figure that out is because I’m aware of the fact that I get excited about new projects.”
  • “I’ve gotten better and tried to make progress on focusing on what I need to do first before I start something new.”
  • “I encourage you to get into and develop a routine and then to schedule the particular time for what you wanna work on and when you wanna work on it.”