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E199: Measuring the ROI of Your B2B SaaS Product

In this episode, Sean discusses the importance of measuring the return on investment (ROI) for your B2B SaaS product from your customer’s perspective. By quantifying the time and cost savings, as well as potential revenue generation, you can prove the value of your product and ensure customer satisfaction. Sean uses his podcast show notes automator as an example to illustrate how measuring ROI can help position your product for success.

Key Points

  • Measuring ROI for your B2B SaaS product is crucial for proving its value to customers.
  • Time and money are the two main ways to quantify ROI.
  • The difference between the customer’s previous experience and how they can now do it with your product is their ROI.
  • ROI should be measurable for customers to determine the value of your product.
  • Demonstrating a solid ROI increases the likelihood of your product being retained during budget cuts.
  • Sean’s podcast show notes automator provides both cost savings and significant time savings compared to manual efforts.
  • The tool’s capacity to generate show notes in minutes offers a more than 10x ROI in time.


  • “This is what’s going to ultimately enable you to prove the value that your product can provide to your customer.”
  • “If you can measure the time savings or the cost savings or the potential to generate more revenue, that is the value that we’re looking to quantify.”
  • “They should ultimately be able to measure it themselves as well too.”
  • “If your tool’s providing a return, they’re gonna do this math and if they can prove that they’re getting a solid return off your product, yours is highly likely to not be cut.”
  • “My tool costs between that range per month as in their savings is going to be a multiple of that.”