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E201: Why Your B2B SAS Product Concept Should Stay Fluid

In this episode, we discuss the importance of treating your B2B SAS product concept as a fluid idea, rather than getting too attached to it in the early stages. We explore the significance of validating your product idea and why competition can actually be a positive sign for your business. Embracing a fluid concept and understanding the need for validation will greatly benefit your journey to building a successful B2B SaaS product.

Key Points

  • Validate your product idea before getting discouraged by competitors in the industry.
  • Research and discover if your idea solves a problem that businesses need to address.
  • Focus on building something that people not only need but are willing to use and pay for.
  • Redesign your concept to align with the milestones necessary for a successful product.
  • Don’t become too attached to your initial idea, as testing and validation may require adjustments.
  • View competition as validation that your direction has potential in the market.
  • Being the only product in a specific niche may indicate a lack of demand or market support.


  • “You need to validate whether or not what you’re thinking about doing really has any potential.”