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E205: Using Customer Feedback to Drive Growth in Your Business

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean dives into the importance of finding answers to your burning questions regarding the performance of your B2B SaaS product and your business. He shares his own experience with analyzing his automated podcasting B2B SaaS performance and highlights the role of customer feedback in driving growth. Sean recommends using one-on-one conversations with users to gather valuable insights and shares his own approach to reaching out to customers who have churned. Find out how you can unlock the potential for growth in your own business by leveraging customer feedback.

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Key Points

  • Understanding the performance of your B2B SaaS product is crucial for business growth.
  • Customer feedback is an invaluable source of information to identify areas of improvement.
  • Payment gateway billing dashboards like Stripe provide essential data on growth and churn.
  • Comparing monthly results helps to track growth and identify patterns.
  • Your customers are your best source of answers and insights regarding product performance.
  • Reach out directly to your users through personalized emails for deeper understanding.
  • One-on-one conversations with users yield richer context and better survey questions.
  • “Most of those answers you’re looking for are going to lie with your users and your customers.”