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E208: Don’t Build in a Vacuum: How To Avoid The Perfectionist Trap

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean emphasizes the importance of not building a product alone and encourages early-stage B2B SaaS founders to seek feedback. He discusses the perfectionist trap and the benefits of building in public. Sean also suggests leveraging your network to gather usability feedback before launching a product.

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Key Points

  • Building a product alone for an extended period can hinder progress and lead to unrealistic expectations.
  • The fear of negative feedback often prevents founders from sharing their product with others, perpetuating the perfectionist trap.
  • Sean advocates for building in public and shares updates on his software projects to combat the concerns associated with transparency.
  • While customer base, business model, and profitability are vital, obtaining feedback on usability is often left to the market.
  • Sean advises using his engineering and UX experience to design a simple product before opening it up for feedback.
  • Seeking feedback from your network can provide valuable insights into the usability of your product.
  • Getting a diverse range of perspectives ensures that your product meets market standards and expectations.
  • “If you’re constantly working on making your product perfect, it’s never gonna get there because it’s an unattainable goal.”
  • “Your standards may be too high or too low, so it’s crucial to have a sample size that represents what the market deems acceptable.”