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E209: Why We Ship at 75%

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the concept of shipping at good enough, emphasizing that perfection can be the enemy of progress for B2B SaaS founders. He advises keeping the product simple and focusing on solving a specific problem for a target market. Sean also highlights the importance of gaining feedback from random strangers to avoid biased opinions and improve the product.

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Key Points

  • Perfection can hinder progress for B2B SaaS founders.
  • Simplify your product and solve a specific problem.
  • “Skip the spinning rims” and focus on timely delivery.
  • Seek feedback from random strangers to gain unbiased insights.
  • Verify your product soon after committing to building it.
  • Avoid getting trapped in an endless cycle of perfectionism.
  • Learn from feedback and make necessary improvements.
  • “Perfection is the enemy of good.”
  • “Keep your product simple and solve a specific problem.”
  • “Skip the spinning rims. We’re on the clock.”
  • “Seek feedback from random strangers to avoid bias.”
  • “Verify your product as soon as possible after committing to building it.”
  • “Ship it 75%, get it out there, and start getting feedback.”
  • “Let feedback influence your next steps.”