Product Launch

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E212: Designing the Early Experience: Tiers and Free Trials

In this episode, Sean introduces a new video tool for creating digital shorts. He also discusses the importance of designing the early experience with product tiers and offers insights on offering a free trial. Sean shares how he tests pricing and functionality through tiers, weighs the costs and benefits of a free trial, and explains how to limit exposure and boost conversions.

Key Points

  • Short form video content is exploding on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
  • Sean’s podcasting agency needs a tool to help with video creation.
  • Creating digital shorts involves automated selection of engaging content from long-form videos.
  • Designing the early experience includes deciding on product tiers and features.
  • Offering a free trial can lower the barrier to entry but increases costs.
  • Limiting exposure and liability is crucial when offering a free trial.
  • Sean manages his costs by treating the free trial as part of customer acquisition cost.


  • “Offering a free trial is a great way to lower the barrier to entry.”
  • “I limit what they can do with the tool in the free trial to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.”