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E213: Don’t Rush! Building a B2B SaaS Business is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

In this episode, Sean emphasizes the importance of not rushing when building a B2B SaaS business. Drawing from his own mistakes and experiences, he highlights the advantages of going at your own pace and focusing on reasonable growth expectations. Sean also addresses the fear of competition and the need to avoid the “struggle porn” mentality that can hinder progress. Whether it’s supplemental income or a new level of work-life balance, building a B2B SaaS business should be an enjoyable journey.

Key Points

  • Building a B2B SaaS business is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Take advantage of the inherent benefits of bootstrapping and the potential for passive income.
  • Rushing to scale may lead to unnecessary stress and mistakes.
  • Competition in the market doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for success.
  • Building a B2B SaaS business can provide supplemental income or replace your day job.
  • Prioritize work-life balance and enjoy the journey, rather than obsessing over struggles.
  • Following the right process can lead to easier business operations and increased benefits.


  • “You can do this at your own pace and it can provide supplemental income to your day job, or it can eventually replace that income.”
  • “Take advantage of the fact that these businesses can be easier to run if you follow the right process.”