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E220: Building Profitable Growth Channels for B2B SaaS Businesses

In this episode, Sean explains why it is crucial to focus on the next step when developing profitable growth channels for B2B SaaS businesses. Many people make the mistake of trying to accomplish everything at once, which can lead to confusion and ineffective results. Sean highlights the step-by-step approach he takes with Google search ads as an example, emphasizing the importance of methodically progressing towards the desired outcome.

Key Points

  • Focusing on each individual step after completing the previous one ensures a methodical approach to developing profitable growth channels.
  • Jumping ahead or attempting too much simultaneously can lead to unclear results and difficulty in identifying what drives success.
  • Sean leverages Google search ads to test and validate profitable growth channels for his B2B SaaS product businesses.
  • The steps in his process include engaging users with targeted ads, driving traffic to the landing page, encouraging users to create an account, and ensuring they find value in the product.
  • By focusing on each step separately, Sean can measure the efficiency and effectiveness of his ad campaign, analyze conversion rates, and determine user satisfaction.
  • Taking a stepwise approach allows for clear analysis of the impact of each change made, leading to better-informed decisions.
  • Ultimately, the goal is to convert free accounts into paid accounts by delivering enough value to the users.