Product Launch

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E222: Diversifying Risk and Maximizing Return with Multiple Products

In this episode, Sean discusses the advantages of having multiple products in your business. By diversifying risk and maximizing return, you can evaluate the performance of each product and make informed decisions about investment and allocation of resources. Sean shares his experience with launching multiple products and the importance of comparing and improving their performance.

Key Points

  • Diversifying risk by having multiple products mitigates the impact of potential failures.
  • Comparing the performance of multiple products helps identify which product deserves additional investment.
  • By analyzing click-through rates of ad campaigns, you can evaluate the effectiveness of each product.
  • Allocating resources to the product with a better return on investment can accelerate growth.
  • Multiple products enable you to experiment, innovate, and solve unique problems across different industries.
  • Building a system to launch multiple products allows for ongoing evaluation and improvement.
  • Sean plans to launch more products this year and will continue sharing lessons and insights.