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E224: Solving the Conversion Problem: Engaging with Customers for Answers

In this episode, Sean discusses the importance of focusing on one step at a time when building a funnel of conversions for a B2B SaaS product. While his new marketing automation tool has seen impressive sign-up numbers, the conversion rate from free trials to paid customers is lacking. Sean shares his approach to solving this problem by engaging with customers through email campaigns and finding out why they aren’t converting. By obtaining valuable feedback, he hopes to make improvements and increase conversions.

Key Points

  • Sign-ups for the marketing automation tool are high, but conversions to paid customers are low.
  • Engaging with customers directly through email is an effective way to obtain feedback.
  • Using an email marketing tool, such as MailChimp, allows for automated outreach to customers.
  • Short, engaging emails that ask for qualitative feedback can help uncover the reasons behind low conversions.
  • Surveys and click-through responses can also provide valuable insight into customer preferences.
  • By understanding why customers are not signing up for the paid product, improvements can be made.
  • Sean plans to implement email campaigns to gather feedback and hopes to share the results in a future episode.
  • “If you only zoom in on one area and focus on sign-ups, that’s good, but not great.”
  • “The user has the answers to these questions. You need to go to your customer to get them.”
  • “Engaging with customers through email is an excellent way to gather qualitative feedback.”
  • “Creating short, engaging emails can help uncover the ‘why’ behind low conversions.”
  • “Asking customers what kind of value they’ve gotten and how to make the product better can provide valuable insights.”
  • “Email campaigns can be used to gather feedback and understand the larger problem behind low conversions.”
  • “Collecting feedback from customers will help improve conversions and increase overall success.”