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E232: Troubleshooting B2B SaaS Conversions: How to Address a Lack of Paid Conversions

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean addresses the issue of low or no paid conversions for B2B SaaS products. He highlights two potential reasons for this problem: targeting the wrong market and inadequate product value. Sean suggests reaching out to the target market audience for feedback and leveraging analytics tools to gain insights. He specifically recommends using Hotjar for screen recordings and user feedback. By identifying patterns and making necessary improvements, businesses can improve their conversion rates.

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Key Points

  • Low paid conversions in B2B SaaS may indicate issues with market targeting or product value.
  • Reaching out to the target audience for feedback is crucial in understanding their experience and preferences.
  • Tools like Hotjar can be used to gather feedback through custom automations and screen recordings.
  • Analytics tools provide insights into user behavior and product performance.
  • Identifying patterns and solving key issues can significantly impact conversion rates.
  • Nail down target market issues by consolidating use cases and running focused experiments.
  • Quality and performance play a crucial role in achieving successful conversions.
  • “Often the culprit (with low paid conversions) is that you either are targeting the wrong market or you’ve got problems with essentially the quality or the value really that your product is providing.”