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E234: Funding Your B2B SaaS Business: Forget About the Unicorn

In this episode, Sean discusses the realistic growth expectations for B2B SaaS businesses and the importance of funding not only the project but also the entrepreneur’s lifestyle. He explores two schools of thought: the struggle porn mentality and the more common approach of bootstrapping and building lifestyle businesses. Sean shares his own experience and advocates for a balanced approach that allows for success, work-life balance, and maintaining control.

Key Points

  • Lower levels of success in B2B SaaS often take longer than advertised on social media.
  • Funding the project and the entrepreneur’s lifestyle is a critical component of success.
  • The struggle porn mentality promotes sacrificing everything for unrealistic hopes of becoming an instant millionaire.
  • Bootstrapping and gradually transitioning to full-time focus on the B2B SaaS business is a more common path to success.
  • Balancing work and side projects during the transitionary phase can provide stability and supplementary income.
  • The model of gradually shifting focus and income between the job and the B2B SaaS business offers flexibility and control.
  • Avoiding the VC model reduces risks and eliminates the pressure to achieve success within a specific timeframe.
  • “I talked about the fact that it often takes people a lot longer to achieve lower levels of success than is typically advertised all over social media.”
  • “Some people, and unfortunately much of what’s published out there talks a lot about what I call the struggle porn.”
  • “The other school of thought is people who seem to be bootstrapping, building lifestyle businesses, having started something on the side.”
  • “I started working essentially alongside me running some of these projects until some of my B2B SaaS products became successful enough.”
  • “You’re funding your own growth, right? I was taking the proceeds from the work that I was doing, investing those into my project.”
  • “Remove that pressure to do so by a certain period of time so that you can have a relatively normal lifestyle, a normal work-life balance.”