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E237: Strategies to Supercharge Your B2B SaaS Growth: Make Ads and SEO Work Together

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses strategies for B2B SaaS growth by investing in growth channels that support each other. By combining effective ads and SEO content marketing, businesses can validate their product, understand customer behaviors, and climb organic search rankings. This episode reveals the power of complementary strategies for maximizing ROI.

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Key Points

  • Investing in both ads and SEO content marketing can enhance growth.
  • Ads provide short-term results, while SEO content has a longer-lasting impact.
  • Ads help identify keywords and customer search behaviors to inform SEO strategies.
  • Climbing organic search rankings allows for long-term visibility and cost-effective marketing.
  • The ROI for ads is contingent on budget, while organic results can be free.
  • Ads and SEO complement each other by uncovering valuable keywords for targeting.
  • Prioritize successful ad campaigns to optimize SEO content marketing efforts.
  • “Investing in growth channels that support each other can take your growth quite a bit further.”
  • “Ads are effective for short-term validation, while SEO content marketing offers long-term benefits.”
  • “Knowing what keywords your ad campaign performs well for can inform your SEO strategy.”
  • “Climbing organic search rankings enables free and sustainable visibility for your business.”
  • “Ads and SEO are complementary strategies that can maximize ROI and pull back on ad budgets.”
  • “Successful ad campaigns can be prioritized for optimal investment in SEO content marketing.”
  • “Combining ads and SEO can lead to a positive ROI and all-profit sustainability.”