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E238: Analyzing Conversion Data to Improve Product Performance

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean emphasizes the significance of measuring conversions for B2B SaaS products. He discusses the role of Google Ads in tracking desired outcomes and explains the process of setting up conversions. Sean also highlights the importance of optimizing campaigns based on conversion data and shares his own experience with product performance.

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Key Points

  • Conversions allow Google Ads to track desired outcomes and campaign effectiveness.
  • Setting up conversions in Google Ads requires adding code to landing pages.
  • Measuring sign-ups for free trials and paid subscriptions are crucial conversion steps.
  • Conversion data helps optimize campaigns and improve product performance.
  • Inactive conversions become active once someone goes through the process.
  • Separate conversion steps for free trials and paid subscriptions are essential.
  • Analyzing conversion data enables data-driven decision-making and product improvements.
  • “Google Ads gives you the ability to track conversions and optimize campaigns.” (175 characters)
  • “By measuring conversions, you can monitor how effectively your product is converting.” (127 characters)
  • “Analyzing conversion data helps make data-driven decisions for product improvements.” (130 characters)
  • “Setting up separate conversion steps for free trials and paid subscriptions is crucial.” (124 characters)
  • “Inactive conversions become active once the process is initiated.” (72 characters)
  • “Conversions are key to understanding campaign effectiveness and optimization.” (89 characters)
  • “Conversion data empowers you to compare and improve your product performance.” (104 characters)
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