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E242: Create Great Content to Boost Your B2B SaaS Product’s Search Engine Rankings

In this episode, Sean emphasizes the importance of creating high-quality content to improve search engine rankings for your B2B SaaS product. He introduces the Skyscraper Technique, where you build upon top-ranking organic results to create a better, more comprehensive piece. He also discusses the use of automation and AI tools to streamline content creation and shares tips on writing an effective article.

Key Points

  • Great content is crucial for organic search rankings and B2B SaaS growth.
  • Copywriting forms a solid foundation for content marketing.
  • The Skyscraper Technique involves improving upon existing top-ranked content.
  • Research and analyze the domain authority and quality of the top organic results.
  • Incorporate successful elements like length, copy-visual balance, and content style.
  • Use automation and AI tools to speed up content creation without sacrificing quality.
  • Create a detailed outline before writing the article to guide the process.
  • “The Skyscraper Technique allows you to build on what’s already working and create a better version.”
  • “Research the top organic results for your target keyword and analyze their domain authority and content quality.”
  • “Incorporate successful elements like length, visuals, and content style into your own article.”
  • “Automation and AI tools like Jasper Surf can help you streamline content creation.”
  • “Creating a detailed outline is crucial before starting the article-writing process.”
  • “Leverage a mix of automation tools and personal writing to achieve your content goals.”
  • “Following this strategy has led to significant improvements in organic search rankings.”