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E243: How to Measure and Optimize Content Performance for Better Search Rankings

In this episode, Sean shares valuable insights on measuring and optimizing content performance to improve search rankings for B2B SaaS businesses. He discusses the tools and techniques necessary for tracking progress, as well as the importance of sustainability in building long-term search rankings. With practical tips and strategies, Sean helps listeners understand how to attract more organic traffic and increase conversions.

Key Points

  • Track your website’s search ranking using tools like Google Search Console and SEMrush
  • Configure and set up both free and paid performance measurement tools to gain comprehensive data
  • Continuously monitor domain authority and search rankings to identify areas of improvement
  • Optimize images, tags, focus keywords, and descriptions to enhance SEO juice
  • Incorporate video content to improve search rankings as it is considered the future of search
  • Link relevant videos to relevant articles to provide additional value to readers
  • Remember that building sustainable search rankings takes time and effort, especially for competitive keywords
  • “We wanna start with the end in mind, which is how do we get the right type of traffic to your website and landing pages?” (Sean)