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E244: Hilarious Examples of Design Failures: From Toys to Software

In this episode, Sean discusses the valuable lessons we can learn from poorly designed products mentioned in a Reddit thread. He shares funny stories of physical products and software that don’t meet user needs. The key lesson is to design products that solve your own problems for better understanding and success in the market.

Key Points

  • Poorly designed products are a common frustration for users.
  • Designing a product without using it yourself can lead to flaws and inefficiencies.
  • Personal experiences with a dishwasher and a mechanic’s oil change highlight design failures.
  • Software examples, like search functions, also demonstrate design flaws.
  • Designing products to solve your own problems gives you an advantage in the market.
  • Solutions designed by problem owners have a natural understanding of user needs.
  • Regular use of your own product helps identify and improve its performance.
  • “If you’re not designing a product to solve your own problem, then you’re just not naturally going to be using this product to understand whether or not it does what it is you need it to do.”
Reddit Thread
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