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E245: Why It Is So Important To Sell Your B2B SaaS Before You Build It

Generating revenue, becoming profitable, and growing your business are the ultimate goals of building a SaaS product. Selling your product upfront can provide valuable insights and increase your chances of success. In this episode, Sean shares a real-world example of selling podcast show notes before building it, resulting in effective sales. He contrasts it with the experience of not selling Schwarz Maker first and the challenges it faced. Sean explains why selling your product before building it is a crucial step that can save time and help you make the right decisions.

Key Points

  • Selling your B2B SaaS products before building them provides valuable insights.
  • Skipping the selling step can lead to challenges in target market definition, value proposition, communication, positioning, and marketing.
  • Selling first enables you to identify and address problems earlier, compressing the timeline to monetization.
  • Creating a landing page, communicating your value proposition, and including pricing help test the market and measure conversions.
  • Comparing the cost of generating traffic to the return on investment provides valuable data for decision making.
  • Selling before building can save you time and resources by avoiding underwhelming results.
  • This strategy helps you avoid the common trap of rushing into building a product without sufficient market validation.
  • “Selling your product upfront is going to provide you with a crazy amount of value before you go deep down the building rabbit hole.”