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E246: Reverse Engineering for Success: Learning from Leading Products

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean explores the often overlooked strategy of leveraging research to bring the best B2B SaaS product to market. He emphasizes the importance of studying the top products in the industry and understanding their limitations to create a product that surpasses them. By following this approach, Sean believes that B2B SaaS companies can avoid reinventing the wheel and focus on innovating to provide a truly exceptional solution.

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Key Points

  • Researching the leading products in the market is crucial for innovation.
  • Understanding the limitations of current options helps in building a better product.
  • Car manufacturers often use reverse engineering to improve their designs.
  • Many B2B SaaS companies struggle to create well-rounded products.
  • Starting from scratch makes the development process harder.
  • Researching and experiencing existing products provides inspiration.
  • Identifying areas for improvement is essential for creating a superior product.
  • “No one sits out to start from zero to make a product that isn’t better than the current options available.”
  • “You need to figure out what the limitations are of the leading options on the market today.”
  • “Let’s figure out what the best version of this product looks like on the market today and let’s build on top of that.”
  • “Figure out what they do well and figure out what they do not so well.”