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E252: How To Maximize Your Free to Paid Conversions for B2B SaaS Products

In this episode, Sean shares a trick to maximize free trial to paid conversions for B2B SaaS products. Instead of restricting access to valuable functionality, Sean advises giving everything away during the free trial. By leading with the best features, you can hook users and increase conversions.

Key Points

  • Restricting access to valuable functionality reduces conversions.
  • Providing access to everything during the free trial can hook users onto your product.
  • Users may get frustrated if they can’t experiment with the features they find most valuable.
  • Boost conversions by leading with your best functionality during the free trial.
  • Rolling users into the highest tier after the trial can lead to more paying accounts.
  • Don’t lock users out of experiencing the best your product has to offer.
  • Leading with valuable functionality first can increase your conversion rates.
  • “If you are restricting access to your most valuable functionality…that is more than likely gonna reduce the amount of conversions.”
  • “Give everything away…use it to get them hooked onto it.”
  • “If your product is not leading with your best functionality…I would encourage you to make that change.”
  • “It boosted paid conversions by a considerable margin.”
  • “Don’t lock them out of experiencing it all together because they might just bail on you.”