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E253: How To Provide Value Faster For New Customers

In this episode, learn how to ensure your customers quickly receive value from your product, leading to increased customer satisfaction and ROI. Explore the concept of engineering as marketing, streamline your onboarding process, and leverage secondary problems to guide customers towards your core offering.

Key Points

  • Engineering as marketing is a growth strategy used by successful B2B SaaS companies like HubSpot.
  • Build valuable tools that provide immediate value to customers, creating a connection to your product.
  • Evaluate your product experience to determine when customers start receiving value.
  • Reduce the steps required for customers to develop a habit with your product.
  • Identify secondary problems related to your core offering and solve them to engage customers.
  • Use half steps in the onboarding process to make it easier for customers to receive value.
  • Avoid overwhelming customers with too many hoops to jump through during onboarding.