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E257: The Power of the Five Whys: Uncovering Context for B2B SaaS Solutions

In this episode, Sean discusses the importance of truly understanding the problem context in UX research and discovery, particularly for B2B SaaS companies. He emphasizes the significance of going deep with line of questioning, as just knowing about a problem isn’t enough. By sharing examples and strategies, Sean highlights the value of uncovering greater context through effective questioning techniques.

Key Points

  • Understanding a problem goes beyond awareness and requires grasping all the intricate details.
  • Demo calls provide an opportunity to gather valuable information and context, but going deep enough with the line of questioning is crucial.
  • Asking follow-up questions to dig deeper helps uncover the full context of the problem.
  • Gathering the rest of the context is like exploring the hidden part of an iceberg.
  • Stopping at surface-level information means missing out on valuable insights.
  • The five whys technique is recommended to uncover greater context and understanding.
  • Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the problem space is essential for B2B SaaS success.
  • “They’re not going deep enough with their line of questioning, and that’s creating problems in getting enough value out of those conversations.”