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E258: Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy: Finding Success in an Existing Market

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the common misconception of competition in building a B2B SaaS company. He explains why having competition is actually a good thing and how it can be leveraged to enhance your product. Sean also shares insights from an interview with Melissa Kwan, the CEO of Ebin, who provides valuable perspectives on the Blue Ocean and Red Ocean strategies. By understanding and learning from existing products in the market, you can create a better product and differentiate yourself effectively.

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Key Points

  • Mistakenly thinking that a B2B SaaS product needs to be one of a kind
  • The benefits of competition and why it is essential for success
  • The time-consuming and expensive nature of Blue Ocean strategies
  • The advantage of the Red Ocean strategy in an existing market
  • Learning from existing products to improve your own offerings
  • Identifying gaps and weaknesses in competitors’ products
  • Leveraging pricing and features to differentiate your product