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E259: Stop Forcing Bad Workflows in Your B2B SaaS Products

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the significance of not imposing a poor workflow on your B2B SaaS product. He emphasizes the need to match user expectations, avoid overwhelming options, and focus on specific use cases. By evaluating analytics and addressing signs of user dissatisfaction, you can optimize sign-ups and conversions.

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Key Points

  • Understand the workflow experience within your B2B SaaS product
  • Don’t create a generic workflow that confuses and overwhelms users
  • Tailor your product to address specific use cases and provide value
  • Analyze conversion rates and use tools like Hotjar to identify rage quits
  • User behavior, such as U-turns and application abandonment, can indicate workflow issues
  • Striking a balance between narrow focus and solving a significant problem is essential
  • Eliminating customers with a narrow focus misconception is a common pitfall
  • “Problem comes when you actually convert that user into signing up for your product and the experience that they have.”
  • “You want to go as narrowly focused as you can while still solving a rather large problem.”