Product Launch

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E261: Benchmarks and Insights: Analyzing Conversion Rates

In this episode, Sean delves into the importance of conversions after product launch. He shares his insights on measuring the success of free trials and paid conversions. Sean also provides a benchmark based on his own product, podcast show notes, to help you gauge your own performance.

Key Points

  • Measure the number of people signing up for free trials and converting to paid customers.
  • Tracking conversions is crucial for post-launch success.
  • Benchmarks for conversion rates vary widely, making it challenging to find reliable data.
  • Sean shares detailed data from his product, podcast show notes, to offer a benchmark for comparison.
  • The podcast automation tool helps create show notes from uploaded audio files.
  • Sean’s product experienced an average signup conversion of 27.5% and a paid conversion of 10.9% over five months.
  • It’s important to focus on profitability and sustainability in addition to conversion rates.
  • “It’s all about measuring how many people are signing up for a free trial if your product offers that”
  • “I’m gonna dive deeper into the numbers for my own product, how well it’s performed, and share that with you so you can see how well you’re doing.”