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E265: Unveiling the Mystery: How Much Effort is Needed for Problem Discovery

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean dives into the importance of user research and discovery in finding problems worth solving. He emphasizes the need to validate the market demand before building a product and shares insights on the volume of interviews required. Sean also recommends conducting research in a sprint format to uncover patterns and make informed decisions.

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Key Points

  • Building a B2B SaaS or product requires starting with a problem worth solving.
  • Validation of market demand is crucial before moving forward with development.
  • The number of interviews is not as crucial as identifying patterns in the data.
  • Narrow target markets can lead to quicker problem discovery.
  • Wider target markets may require more interviews for diverse insights.
  • Conduct research in sprint format, with 3-5 interviews per sprint.
  • Learn from previous interviews to refine the research process.
  • “You have to start with a problem worth solving.”
  • “It’s not about the number of interviews, but the patterns in the data.”
  • “The decisions on target market impact the effort and time required.”
  • “Conduct your research in sprint format for focused insights.”
  • “Refine your process based on lessons learned from previous interviews.”
  •  “Identify the top problem and understand its impact on the target market.”
  • “Tie your solution’s ROI to tangible numbers such as lost time and revenue.”