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E266: Don’t Waste Time Reinventing the Wheel in B2B SaaS Design

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, we explore the common mistakes made in designing user experience for B2B SaaS applications. Many people waste time trying to reinvent basic elements that already work well across software. Instead, it’s important to focus on innovation in areas that provide unique value. By leveraging design patterns and industry best practices, you can create a consistent and user-friendly workflow.

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Key Points

  • SaaS applications should follow industry-standard design patterns for basic usability.
  • Competitive research can help identify successful design elements to replicate.
  • Innovate in the areas that provide unique value, not in reinventing the wheel.
  • Focus on creating compelling titles and summaries to attract listeners or users.
  • Borrow design patterns from existing products to ensure a familiar and intuitive workflow.
  • Invest time in researching and taking notes on what competitors do well and don’t.
  • Prioritize guiding users to the critical elements where the product’s value stands out.
  • “What I mean here is things like your login page, your password reset, how your menu works, everything else that has to do with the basics in terms of usability for your software.”
  • “You can take a two birds with one stone approach while you are performing your competitive research using the other products on the market.”
  • “Focus on innovating in the internals and the component of your application that is unique.”
  • “What I do need is a compelling title, great summary, and something that’s going to motivate their listeners to click on and then listen to that episode.”
  • “Innovate there in that space, not how they log in, how they access support, how they reset their passwords, all this kind of stuff.”
  • “If you do that, you’ll save yourself a tremendous amount of time and you will create a workflow that isn’t confusing.”