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E271: Don’t Play Games When It Comes to Names

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the often overlooked topic of branding and naming in building SaaS businesses. He shares the example of HBO’s disastrous rebranding to HBO Max, highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong brand and avoiding confusing naming changes. Sean emphasizes the power of thematic naming and how it can positively impact marketing efforts by instantly conveying the purpose of a product.

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Key Points

  • Branding and naming have a significant influence on your marketing efforts.
  • HBO’s rebranding to HBO Max resulted in confusion and backlash from its user base.
  • The name HBO was synonymous with high-quality content and had a strong brand reputation.
  • Thematic naming, like Sean’s product “Podcast Show Notes,” helps users understand its purpose immediately.
  • Creating a thematic name facilitates efficient customer acquisition and marketing communication.
  • Avoid making naming mistakes like HBO did to preserve brand recognition and goodwill
  • Effective naming and branding can enhance storytelling and marketing for your product.