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E273: What To Do When You Miss the Obvious: Design Patterns and SaaS Applications

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the importance of recognizing and rectifying missed design patterns in SaaS applications. He shares a personal experience of overlooking a crucial feature that affected user accessibility. Sean emphasizes the value of user feedback and the opportunity it presents to improve software and enhance the overall user experience.

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Key Points

  • Overlooking design patterns is a common mistake even for experienced product developers.
  • Quick product launches allow for testing and learning from user experiences.
  • Active support channels help address user requests and identify overlooked features.
  • Monitoring feedback enables continual improvement and aligns the product with industry standards.
  • Embracing design flaws as opportunities to enhance the software and user satisfaction.
  • User feedback provides valuable insights for making necessary product adjustments.
  • Building with users ensures a collaborative approach to creating better software.
  • “Regardless of experience, you’re going to miss something relatively obvious. But that’s okay, it’s an opportunity to make your product better.”
  • “Keeping your support channels active and monitoring them helps you stay on top of user requests.”
  • “Recognizing design flaws and fixing them brings the user experience up to industry standards.”
  • “User feedback presents opportunities to enhance the software and meet customer expectations.”
  • “Building with users involves using their feedback to continually improve your product.”