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E276: Unlocking the Magic: Reaching the Milestones of Customer Value in Your Software

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, we explore a critical milestone in the customer’s experience with software: when they receive significant value. Drawing from a personal example of using the Magic Merlin Suit for newborn sleep training, we discuss the importance of meeting customer expectations, achieving a strong problem-solution fit, and the concept of time to value. Getting customers to use and pay for your software is only the first step – it must also deliver on its promises. The faster customers reach the value milestone, the better for software growth and virality.

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Key Points

  • Converting customers to use and pay for your software is just the first milestone.
  • Delivering on promises and providing value is essential for customer satisfaction.
  • A strong problem-solution fit is crucial to solving customer pain points effectively.
  • Time to value refers to how quickly customers receive value from your software.
  • A shorter time to value leads to better growth, virality, and referral marketing.
  • Virality occurs when satisfied customers enthusiastically share their positive experiences.
  • The sooner your software reaches the time to value milestone, the more referrals and growth opportunities it generates.
  • “It kind of is like magic, which is how you know that they’ve got branding for their experience on point.”
  • “You have to have both. You can’t have one or the other.”
  • “The smaller that window, as in the faster you get them value, the better for your software.”