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E278: Why It’s Critical to Intimately Understand the Problem YOUR Software Solves

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean shares a personal story comparing electric vehicles to gas powered vehicles and highlights the importance of understanding your product’s use case. He emphasizes the need to avoid misleading marketing by setting realistic expectations for your audience. Sean explores the practicality of electric vehicles for long road trips and discusses the efficiency and convenience of gas powered vehicles in certain scenarios.

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Key Points

  • Electric vehicles may not be practical for long road trips due to constant battery drainage from appliances like the heater.
  • Gas powered vehicles offer faster refueling times compared to the longer charging times of electric vehicles.
  • Understanding the specific use case and target market for your product is crucial for its success.
  • Consider the practicality and efficiency of your product in real-world scenarios.
  • Electric vehicles may be more convenient for short trips in urban areas if charging facilities are accessible.
  • Careful marketing and setting realistic expectations is essential to avoid disappointing customers.
  • Delivering on the top problem your product is solving is key to customer satisfaction.