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E279: Unlocking the Value of Customer Support for SaaS Applications

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean emphasizes the importance of not outsourcing or delegating customer support for SaaS applications. He explains how valuable feedback from users can be in improving the software and increasing revenue. Sean shares his own examples of how support channels have helped him enhance his products.

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Key Points

  • Interacting with software users allows you to understand their experiences and improve your product.
  • Delegating customer support means missing out on valuable feedback and potential revenue.
  • Feedback from users can lead to important enhancements and the discovery of new market opportunities.
  • Setting up a sustainable number of support channels helps manage and prioritize feedback effectively.
  • Email support and analytics tools like Hotjar are effective channels for gathering user feedback.
  • The feedback Sean received contributed to the addition of multi-language support and a new pricing tier.
  • Customer support interactions can uncover design pattern flaws and prompt necessary corrections.
  • “Just because users are using your software doesn’t mean they’re getting value from it.”
  • “Providing more value means more revenue, longer customer lifetime value, and happier customers.”
  • “Understanding user interactions and feedback is crucial for making improvements to your software.”
  • “Your support channels are important opportunities to discover missed opportunities and great product ideas.”
  • “Direct feedback allows you to learn about key opportunities and make your company more valuable.”