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E289: Sales is a Process, Not a Personality Trait

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the misconception that sales is only for a specific type of person and highlights that sales is actually a process that anyone can learn. He explores two different approaches to sales – low touch and high touch – and emphasizes the importance of finding the right match between a problem and a solution. Sean also shares insights on how to design an effective sales process for a SaaS business.

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Key Points

  • Sales is about matching a problem with an appropriate solution.
  • Low touch sales leverage a product-led approach, using software to qualify prospects.
  • High touch sales involve synchronous interactions with different buyer personas.
  • Hybrid approaches that combine both low touch and high touch sales exist.
  • The goal of sales is to ensure customers receive value and continue to pay.
  • Sales can be turned into a process for any type of business, including software.
  • Asynchronous low touch sales can happen without direct intervention.
  • “Sales is really about following a process, and I want to talk more about what that process is because in my opinion, anyone can do it effectively.”