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E294: Unleashing the Power of Competitive Research for Low Touch Software Products

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the importance of competitive research for building low touch software products. He emphasizes the advantages of a product-led growth approach and highlights how self-service software allows for easier competitor analysis. Sean shares his own experience of reviewing and incorporating lessons from competitive products into his own software. He also provides insights on what can be learned through competitive research, including understanding the competition’s vision, finding inspiration, and identifying areas for improvement.

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Key Points

  • Low touch software products enable product-led growth and scalability.
  • Competitive research for self-service software is more straightforward due to similar user experiences.
  • Sean recommends reviewing and evaluating competitive products to learn from them.
  • Competitive research provides insights into competitors’ visions and what works well.
  • Look for inspiration and examples that validate your own vision.
  • Evaluate competitors’ workflows to identify what not to replicate and improve upon.
  • Competitive research holds value throughout the growth of your company.
  • “Low touch software products pave the way for product-led growth and maximum scalability.”
  • “Reviewing competitive products provides inspiration and evidence that your vision holds water.”
  • “Competitive research helps identify what not to replicate and how to solve problems better.”
  • “There’s so much to be learned from competitive research for low touch software products.”