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E295: How Wall Street Journal Creates a Gap and Opportunities for Innovation

In this episode, Sean discusses the pattern of people always getting what they want in the software product industry. He highlights the importance of closing gaps and provides examples of companies like Wall Street Journal that create gaps in their services. Sean emphasizes the need for businesses to give customers what they want and explores the opportunities for innovation that arise from these gaps.

Key Points

  • People will always find a way to get what they want in the software product industry.
  • The actions and omissions of businesses can create gaps in the market.
  • Wall Street Journal’s difficult subscription cancellation process is an example of a gap.
  • Innovative solutions like address the gap created by Wall Street Journal.
  • Companies that don’t give customers what they want may face negative consequences.
  • Gaps in the market present opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Identifying customer complaints can lead to profitable problem-solving ventures.


  • “The people are always going to get what it is that they want one way or the other.”
  • “When your teaser time period expires and the rate jumps back up, if you want to cancel or be done with the subscription, you can’t do so online in almost all states.”