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E298: Sky’s the Limit: Low-Touch Software Competitive Research

by Sean Boyce

Dive into the world of low-touch software business with Sean. Discover the skyscraper technique’s role in content marketing, SEO and how it helps us perform competitive research better when it comes to low-touch software products. Join us as we explore competitive research, product-led growth, and Sean’s unique insights on building innovative tools. Watch, listen, and level up your product game!

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Key Points

  • YouTube move for daily podcasts
  • Advantages of low-touch software
  • SEO and skyscraper technique value
  • Gaps in the market & competitive research
  • Product review videos for insight
  • “I’m starting to record my daily podcasts as live streams or prerecorded videos.”
  • “Now, as I’ve been doing the product review videos, I’ve been learning a lot about what other people Are building in the area in which I wanna build software.”