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E299: Startup Savvy: Advertise, Validate, and Scale

by Sean Boyce

Dive into the world of SaaS advertising with Sean’s expert take on how to go from naught to a software sensation! Get the scoop on early validation, economical campaigns, and savvy scaling. Let’s turn your software dreams into profitable realities.

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Key Points

  • Validate SaaS ideas with ads
  • Save resources with strategic testing
  • Create landing pages for impressions
  • Use ads for early business proof
  • Plan for scalable ad campaigns
  • “Some people love it, some people hate it. My opinion, I’ve kind of been on both sides of this spectrum, probably somewhere in the middle, but I certainly lean towards the fact that advertising can provide a lot of value for us who are building software companies.”
  • “I’ve been working on product X for months, maybe years. I spent a lot of time, I spent a lot of money and I can’t get anyone to use it, or I don’t have any users, or I can’t get anyone to pay for it, something like that.”
  • “You can do the keyword research, you can figure out what the volume looks like in terms of who’s searching for that.”
  • “I’ve made those mistakes. I’m trying to make sure you don’t.”
  • “You can validate all these things by designing and building an ad campaign and marketing it through a landing page that gives the impression that you already have the software.”
  • “I’ve done this very recently and this exercise works very well that you don’t need the actual software to test whether or not your concept, your idea can be successful as an actual business.”