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E301: Thriving in the AI Disruption as a Software Founder

by Sean Boyce

Dive into the AI tidal wave with Sean as he shares vital strategies for software company founders. Discover how to shield your innovations from copycats, why niche dominance is key, and why playing it safe could be your biggest risk. Tune in for an insider’s take on staying afloat in the bustling sea of AI development.

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Key Points

  • Disruption is rapid in the AI era.
  • Importance of defensible strategies.
  • Markets are quickly saturated.
  • Niching down boosts defensibility.
  • Diverse product strategy is safer.
  • “Progress is gonna continue to fly at us more quickly than ever because of how capable these tools are in terms of enabling you to build something rather impressive rather quickly.”
  • “Markets for low touch software products in the AI era are becoming more saturated more quickly, which means that if you’re to continue to double down on whatever it is that you’ve built, you really need to do so in a direction or area that starts to add back some of these areas of defensibility…”
  • “So if you’ve built a low touch software product, if you turn it into a business rather quickly and cost effectively, just expect others to be able to do the same.”