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E302: Navigating Tech Turbulence in Economic Headwinds

Join Sean as he decodes the US economic tremors and their ripple effects on tech and software companies. From rising interest rates to strategic survival, this episode is a must-listen for every techpreneur seeking to steer their ship through stormy monetary seas.

Key Points

  • In-depth look at US economics
  • Interest rates rocking tech boats
  • Layoffs & hiring freezes insight
  • SaaS spending and growth tips
  • Profitability as a safety net


  • “Now, something I may not have shared before is I actually have quite a bit of experience and background in business in addition to my background and experience in tech and engineering.”
  • “And what is happening at the moment is there’s a tightening in the broader US economic cycle.”
  • “Now, they typically do that when something like inflation starts to increase significantly and apply a lot of pain to American consumers.”
  • “So if you haven’t noticed, there has been a pretty rough patch for the tech industry.”
  • “A lot of the larger companies were laying off thousands of people.”
  • “If you have solid fundamental economics and your business is profitable from day one, Then these larger gyrations in the broader economy are not nearly as impactful to what it is you’re trying to do.”
  • “‘because it puts you in the driver’s seat and it significantly reduces the negative impact these gyrations on the water the larger, broader economic landscape can have on your business.”