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E303: Profit Will ALWAYS Matter More Than Growth

by Sean Boyce

In today’s episode, Sean dives into the profits vs. growth debate, inspired by startup dramas from Silicon Valley. He analyzes the roller-coaster stories of WeWork and Uber, urging a pivot to profitability over reckless expansion. Tune in for a gripping discussion on sustaining software businesses through smart economics, and why growth for growth’s sake can be a perilous pursuit.

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Key Points

  • Importance of profitability in SaaS
  • Growth vs. solid economics debate
  • WeWork and Uber’s dramatic stories
  • Pitfalls of growth for growth’s sake
  • Control and ownership through profit
  • “Now, I wanna talk to you about this from the perspective of a couple of drama series that I’ve dove into regarding kind of these spectacular successes and failures in the startup world.”
  • “Not a hundred percent sure why perhaps some precedents were set along the way, but it certainly appears that that is a flawed strategy for a bunch of obvious reasons.”
  • “But growth for growth’s sake is severely flawed and it’s ridiculously unsustainable at the same time.”
  • “The sooner you do that, the more you remain in the driver’s seat, the more that you remain in control, the more that you remain largest percentage owner of your business…”