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E304: Future Tech Fails: Learn From Design Oversights

by Sean Boyce

Ever excited about creating something groundbreaking only to overlook essentials? Sean dives into the innovation paradox, sharing epic blunders from tech history and tips to ensure new solutions don’t leave users cold, or in some cases, literally cold. Tune in and learn to innovate without sacrificing the crucial bits!

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Key Points

  • Understand before innovating.
  • Some legacy features are vital.
  • When new doesn’t always mean better.
  • Costly redesign blunders.
  • Innovate without losing functionality.
  • “What I mean by that is providing supposedly updated, arguably better solution, but missing something important, which ultimately means you take functionality away.”
  • “So we have, as a family had problems multiple times where it’s too cold outside, we can’t turn on the heat, it’s too warm outside, we can’t turn on the air conditioning.”