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E305: SaaS in 2023: Growth Trends Unveiled

Dive into the SaaS world with Sean as he unpacks OpenView’s latest report. Discover why growth rates are plummeting and which outliers are defying the trend. Is it all about AI and vertical specialization? Tune in for insights on the evolving SaaS landscape amidst a shifting economic climate.

Key Points

  • SaaS growth rates decline sharply
  • Economic climate impacts SaaS
  • Outliers defy downward trends
  • AI-native SaaS sees success
  • Specialization boosts SaaS growth


  • “Some, I would say a third is not all that uncommon based on the data that I’m looking at. Some of them are down by half or more than half, which is a pretty dramatic fall off from where we were previously just a year ago.”
  • “There’s been a pretty dramatic shift in the macro economic climate that’s predominantly been the catalyst of which I would say has been the steep increase in interest rates.”
  • “However, the remaining category, the outliers that I mentioned that makes up the balance, which is about 27%, those companies are growing faster than last year.”
  • “Now in the report, and I’m gonna dive into this in greater detail in future episodes, but they categorize anyone that’s falling into this category that’s growing faster than last year as, which probably won’t become a surprise to many those companies that are AI native.”
  • “So the more specialized your SaaS product is, the higher growth rate those companies have seen as well.”