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E306: Stop Managing Passwords: The OTP Revolution

Join Sean as he decrypts the world of design patterns, focusing on the seamless authentication revolution of one-time passcodes (OTPs). Learn why rehashing old methods is out, and how adopting OTPs can be a game-changer for software innovation and security.

Key Points

  • Design patterns simplify innovation.
  • OTPs transform authentication.
  • Password management made obsolete.
  • Exponential improvement with OTPs.
  • Guide to essential design patterns.


  • “What they (design patterns) are essentially is the modern day standard for how something should work.”
  • “You punch in your email. If you wanna go that route and it sends you a code, you punch that code in and you’re good.”
  • “So if you can ever eliminate steps in the process and accomplish multiple things at the same time, that is, and what I refer to as an exponential improvement, or like a 10 x effect could be 10 times better than the previous design.”